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solar interface systems

RITIKA Systems Solar PV Interfaces are designed for customers who have already invested in a domestic inverter and battery set, and now desire to switch to solar power. They may use this system to integrate solar PV charging in a simple and cost efficient manner.

Being an-add on to the existing domestic inverter, this offers a very cost efficient way of converting an existing domestic inverter (already owned by the customer) into Solar Power Conditioning Unit (Solar Inverter + Battery Charge Controller). Interface can automatically sense 12V/24V system and work accordingly.


  • To promote Solar Energy and thus contributing to the environment.
  • To make Solar Energy more affordable.
  • To develop and manufacture an easy to install/maintain system that works with existing domestic     inverter/storage batteries.
  • To monitor battery charge levels at all times.
  • To give preference to Solar PV charging.
  • This helps in reducing AC grid electricity units consumed by the customer.

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Go Green, its the best way to mitigate the energy issue. Rates are going to go up and with parity almost on the horizon, its the right time to invest

Accelerated depreciation benefit of 80% is allowed in 1st Year on investments in solar powerprojects

Get upto 90% subsidy in certain states with the MNRE giving 30% subsidy for solar power projects for inhouse consumption. Never has the administrative environment been so conducive towards Solar Energy.

Achieve payback and then have cost free electricity for the rest of the balance life of the system

Move away from polluting sources of energy like your diesel genset. Solar is way cheaper,way better and saves the environment

With diesel and elec price rising at approx 5-8% per year, it makes sense to go Solar. An average diesel genset generated unit costs apprx Rs.22 compared to that of solar at about Rs.8