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“RSPL was started off with an aim to power lives, to ensure that the abundant bounty of nature i.e. the Sun is utilized to power the nooks and corners of the country. We have always strived to deliver the best quality product at the most economical rates. We have tried to make solar affordable to the Indian household. Quality has ensured that our products survive the test of time and thus give the customer true value for money.

Continuously reinventing ourselves in terms of technology and business opportunities has ensured that we stay ahead of the learning curve. We have always been proud of our R&D and a significant amount of our profits has always been pumped into research to deliver the best.

RSPL today covers the entire bandwidth of anything even remotely associated with Solar Energy in India. From Solar Lighting to EPC of solar power plants to investment options in the field of Solar PV, we have successfully vertically and horizontally integrated our operations.

With an ambitious aim to become a 100 million dollar organization by the year 2020, RSPL is well on its path to truly channelize the solar revolution in India”


Go Green, its the best way to mitigate the energy issue. Rates are going to go up and with parity almost on the horizon, its the right time to invest

Accelerated depreciation benefit of 80% is allowed in 1st Year on investments in solar powerprojects

Get upto 90% subsidy in certain states with the MNRE giving 30% subsidy for solar power projects for inhouse consumption. Never has the administrative environment been so conducive towards Solar Energy.

Achieve payback and then have cost free electricity for the rest of the balance life of the system

Move away from polluting sources of energy like your diesel genset. Solar is way cheaper,way better and saves the environment

With diesel and elec price rising at approx 5-8% per year, it makes sense to go Solar. An average diesel genset generated unit costs apprx Rs.22 compared to that of solar at about Rs.8